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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Michael Gibson to Speak at The Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art & Design (cltad) Fifth International Conference in Berlin in April

After you’ve navigated to the link listed below, you’ll need to scroll down a bit to locate a .pdf of Michael’s abstract.


The theme of this year’s conference is “Challenging the Curriculum: Exploring the Disciplinary Boundaries in Art, Design and Media”

Here’s a bit of information that articulates this year’s theme in more detail:

The 2010 cltad international conference will focus on curriculum design in art and design Higher Education meeting the challenges of changing times and demands. As old discipline structures are eroded, new liaisons are emerging. On one hand, art and design reach out and connect with other disciplines, influencing all aspects of society and how we live. On the other hand, creativity, which we have perhaps regarded as the prerogative of art and design, is increasingly being recognised as significant and central in every discipline. Building on the 2008 conference the organisers want to explore where boundaries to disciplinary uniqueness are becoming blurred and where collaborations between the disciplines are being built, sometimes by intent and occasionally by chance.

We know that many members of the UNT Communication Design community will actually fly to Berlin to attend this event and are breathlessly awaiting Michael’s presentation, which will occur on either April 12th or 13th at the Novatel, Tiergarten, Berlin.

Here’s a link to the cltad website, which operates out of the University of the Arts in London: