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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re: Low-Tech, High Functionality/Low-Tech, High Desirability Articles and Images to Peruse

The following web links will take you to a select group of websites that showcase and/or constructively criticize various examples of contemporary low-tech design from across the wide panoply of design disciplines.

For those of you who have been comporting yourselves blissfully unaware that there are indeed a "wide panoply of design disciplines," well, ummm... there ARE and YOU are each part of what makes the panoply as wide as it is. And the wideness of this panoply is a good thing, as is the thinking that informs it.

The orange bicycle was designed, constructed and photographed by Jason Battersby, and a certain UNT Com Design faculty member would really like to own one.

The low-tech "zoomable" map of London has been getting a great deal of positive buzz on several websites devoted to design criticism over the last couple of weeks or so. It’s very easy, ergonomically speaking, to manipulate this comprehensive-yet-easy-to-use-to-navigate map of London, and you don't need any electricity to use it effectively.

Without further ado: