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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Smart Center Santa Fe

As many of you know, Jack Sprague has started a center in Santa Fe, New Mexico to teach creative workshops that are not traditional art classes teaching art, design, photography, writing or musical techniques. They are carefully and exclusively focused upon teaching and demonstrating a variety of methodologies that creative people and business leaders use prior to the making of or the development of an end product. Their workshops unwrap the multi-dimensional processes that smart people use in developing innovative ideas.

This summer there are a number of opportunities taught by UNT faculty and alumni that would serve you well. There is only so much time in a regular class for you to learn the things you need to know. Unfortunately, there is so much we can't get to in school. These valuable workshops offer you a great opportunity to extend your education and get a creative leg up on your peers. Among the many seminars are the following:

The Fine Art of Presenting and Selling Great Ideas. Jack Sprague, instructor
Self-promotion and presentation is an area that is not commonly addressed in current university art, design and creative business curriculums. This workshop is THE perfect opportunity to focus on the important skills of verbal and visual communication for those of you wanting to enter a creative career or to change careers or to improve you skills of selling yourself and your ideas.

Write More Good: Tips for Clear, Calculated, Clever Communication and Copywriting. Alumni Wayne Geyer, instructor.
For some art directors, designers marketing specialists and other visual thinkers, writing can be an intimidating process. But, successful visual communications solutions begin with clearly defined objectives and solid “concepts” or “big ideas.” In advertising and graphic design, problems are defined in writing — and writing plays a key role in articulating and executing creative solutions. In other words, it takes great art, great headlines and great copy to deliver a complete message. So in order to create effective communication, visual thinkers must learn to express themselves — AND to sell their ideas — using headlines, subheads, taglines, copy and other forms of promotional writing.

Overcoming Creative Blocks: Practical Methods for Chipping Away at Creative Deadlock. Alumni Meta Newhouse, instructor.
Leap over large, blank white sheets of paper in a single bound. Laugh maniacally in the face of dangerous deadlines. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to overcome creative blocks not only with short-term tools such as non-traditional brainstorming techniques, but also long-term tools such as lucid dreaming and exercises that will stimulate cognitive growth.

Creative Careers: What is Communication Design? Is There Something in the Business of Art for Me? Alumni Paul Booth, instructor.
This workshop will walk young creative career interested individuals through all of the exciting opportunities available in Visual Communications and questions that you and parents may have regarding Communication Design which includes graphic design, advertising art direction, film, illustration, typographical design and multi media. The workshop with focus on the “Business of Art” and open your eyes to the profession and the discipline and skills required.

Learning From Brilliant Business Failures: How Examining What Hasn't Worked and Why Can Inform and Improve Your Creative Process and Personal Success. Michael Gibson, instructor.
Participants in this workshop will emerge from it having gained experiential knowledge of several methods for utilizing the analysis of failure as a means to drive successful processes of creativity and innovation. It is important to understand that although this new knowledge will originate with the investigations of functional failures and how the understandings gleaned from them can positively and expansively guide different types of decision-making, participants will also gain useful and usable knowledge from other types of failures as well. These will include failures that are aesthetic, cultural, psychological, historical, technological, environmental, egotistical and economic.

The Power and the Equity in Business Branding: How Brands Make Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Corporations Distinctive, Competitive and Profitable. Eric Ligon and Keith Owens, instructors.
This unique and timely workshop will address Brand understanding; Brand development; Brand equity; Branding in the international market; defining core brand values and development of brand design circles; creating brand strategies with effective visual messages; strategies for innovation; company naming; brand successes and failures; Small business branding.

Squeeze Ideas From A Blank Page: Exercises in Creativity: Some 25 Methodologies for Problem Solving. Alumni Rebecca-Davis Kelly, instructor. 
This workshop will offer creative methodologies “concepting techniques” to help be a better problem solver inside or outside of the arts industry. By using these unusual techniques one can get beyond the obvious, the expected solutions for art and business, and flex your creative muscle. Typical exercises include: post-its race, standing on the shoulders of giants, forced connection game, mind-maps, kick-start questions and learning how and why to use this diverse array of “secrets” in the creative process.

 There are other workshops as well. Take a look. The deadline for registration is fast approaching!

See you in Santa Fe.