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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Creative Quarterly Call for Entries: Enter Now to Ensure That Your Work is Eligible for Publication in CQ20

Creative Quarterly is a well-respected art and design journal that, as the name implies, is published four times per year. Their editorial offices are in New York, and while it is possible to subscribe to the printed version of this journal, its most robust presence exists on the web. www.cqjournal.com is a high-priority bookmark on the browsers of thousands of professional and student designers around the world, and the com design faculty at UNT is hereby suggesting that it would be a very good idea for our students and our alumni to begin paying regular attention to what appears here (if you’re not already doing this).

The primary intent of Creative Quarterly is to probatively explore what, how and why particular events, experiences, artifacts, bodies of work and thinking processes inspire and inform the methods designers and artists utilize to develop and re-develop and finally execute the work they create.

Whether you’re reading this as a com design student or professional, or your interest in CQ has been inspired by your work as studio artist, the call for entries for their next competition of both student and professional work leaves you between now and April 30 to submit your recent work for judging. Here’s the URL that contains more information regarding how to prepare and submit your student or professional work to this competition: www.cqjournal.com/callforentries.html

Again: this competition is open to both students and professionals (although work from these two groups will not be pitted against each other during the judging)—recent alums of our program are heartily encouraged to enter their work!

Finally: Don’t be afraid to enter your illustrations and photographs and paintings and prints and...