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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DSVC National Student Show Q&As

Hi all, I got a number of questions today and a couple of answers to give you.

Q1. If I enter two of the Portfolio categories, do I have to send two different portfolios?
A1. Yes you do. Seems inefficient but there it is.

Q2. Will I get back the work I enter?
A2. Nope, it all gets tossed in the rubbish bin. Seems inefficient, but there it is.

Q3.  Is it possible to get even the portfolio entries back?
A3. Why, yes, yes it is. These are the only pieces they hold back for me to pick up after the judging.

Q4. Should the work be mounted on black board?
A4. No, just printed well on good paper. Trim either with a border or trim it even, which ever serves the work best. (If you are concerned about how to present an annual report, contact me or Karen about this. It will be a case by case response.)

Q5. Should I submit actual constructed packages?
A5. Only if you are willing to remake them after the judging because they will be tossed with the rest of the work. You should submit good prints of photographs of your packaging from multiple sides (if multiple sides is necessary to show the work, or is appropriate or serves your package design well). —Don’t forget your composition skills when you take these photographs either. As in everything else design, ALL of it matters: the images, the subject, the cropping, the back ground, all of it.

A little side note here—I understand that this may sound ridiculous to you that they toss all of this work in the trash, but please remember that the DSVC is getting about 3500 or more pieces to handle from schools across 26 or more states. The easiest way for them to handle this process is to toss the work and not worry about sorting and packaging and returning. That would be a nightmare. It would be inefficient, and there it is.

Q6. Can I just drive to Clampitt Paper and drop the work off? Do I have to ship it?
A6. Yes, you can and probably should just drive. Or perhaps you can organize drop off points over the week and help each other out taking work down in loads.

Q7. Do I have to let you (Eric) know what I am entering?
A7. You do not have to, but I very much like to compile a master list of our students who enter work and what they enter. In light of that, a quick e-mail with your name, hometown, and class standing, and a list of all category numbers, the title of the work submitted for each entry, and your professor’s last name would be greatly appreciated. Something like this would be great:

   Name: Eric Ligon. Shreveport, LA. Sophomore
  1. Category 1: Braille-are-Us logotype, Owens
  2. Category 1: Braille-are-Us symbol, Owens
  3. Category 2: Braille-are-Us stationery, Owens
  4. Category 7: “True Colors” feature magazine spreads, Dorff
  5. Category 10: “IKEA” magazine ad campaign, Egner
  6. C–DSVCollege Tuition Scholarship
  7. B–Dick Sloan Portfolio Prize (you know, the one that Stu Taylor won last year; )
I will ask you for a press-ready PDF for any and all work that gets accepted in the show: for the blog, for the dean and his development office, and for the UNT Public Relations department. Yes, I’ll send the specifications, don’t worry.

Q8. Do I have to be a sophomore to enter the Sophomore Portfolio Prize?
A8. No, many of the students in the sophomore sequence in our program (most) are not sophomores in terms of hours. But since you are in the sophomore sequence, you may enter this award regardless of the number of hours you have accumulated as a student. The same guidelines will be true of Junior-only and Senior-only portfolio awards.

Q9. If I entered the work last year and it did not get in, can I enter again this year?
A9. No, you cannot, unless it is a part of a portfolio entry. Even work that won last year can be entered as part of a whole portfolio submission. Otherwise, only work completed between Feb 2009 and April 16, 2010 and completed for a school project can be entered in this show.

Q10. I did a group project in Art Direction I. Do I have to enter it in Category 20?
A10. Yes, you do. Not all of our faculty like the distinction for this category but it is the rule and we need to honor it, like it or not.

Q11. If I enter parts of a total campaign in the separate categories, can I still enter the same work as a total campaign in Category 22?
A11. Yes, you can, but you’ll have to print the various parts out twice, as in this example:
  1. Category 1: Braille-are-Us logotype, Owens
  2. Category 2: Braille-are-Us stationery, Owens
  3. Category 4: Braille-are-Us poster for Helen Keller, Owens
  4. Category 8: Braille-are-Us marketing brochure. Owens
  5. Category 22: Braille-are-Us total campaign including: logotype, stationery, poster, and marketing brochure. Owens
For Categories 1, 2, 4 and 8, you will print each part separately and attach the appropriate entry label for each category to its attendant piece. For Category 22, you will reprint all of these parts and affix the correct entry labels to all of these parts for the whole category entry as a unit.

Q12. If I enter 4 ads in a series, does that constitute 4 separate entries? (and a $20 per piece fee totaling $80?)
A12. No, a campaign of 4 ads equals a single entry.

I think that gets it for now. I’ll post other Q&As as they come up over the next week.