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Friday, March 5, 2010

Polish Poster Design Highlights, Courtesy of The Creative Review

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the British web resource for communication designers known as The Creative Review, this overview of recent Polish poster design (it’s actually an overview of a book that was recently published on this topic...) will serve as a strong introduction.

Those of you who have taken Michael’s History of Communication Design course (AEAH 5842/4842) will have seen a couple of these images before, but that shouldn’t deter any followers of this blog from exploring this cache of metaphorically rich images more thoroughly.

The piece depicted here was designed by Romuald Socha in 1977; the plot of this film “pulls no punches” in poking fun at pompous, late nineteenth century European heads of state and the British class system. If this image is reminding any of you of someone with whom you were once romantically involved, well... ummm... we’re really not that sorry about creating this correlation for you.

Here’s the URL you'll need:


It might be a good idea for many of you to bookmark The Creative Review website for future reference, whether you’ve taken Michael’s History of Communication Design course or not...