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Sunday, April 18, 2010

DSVC New Deadline Approaches

Hi all, I know you all know that the deadline for the DSVC was moved to the Tuesday, April 20. (The work is due at Clamiptt Paper by 5:00 p.m.) I also know that a great number of you are working your fingers to the bone—as well as draining the ink wells in the lab—in order to get your submissions ready. Consider this a reminder that I need each of you to send me a list of the work you submit as shown below. It helps me a great deal to keep up with our entries, and for me to figure the percentage of entries that get in and or place.

Good luck to you all. You do really good work. Let's kick some butt!


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Q7. Do I have to let you (Eric) know what I am entering?
A7. You do not have to, but I very much like to compile a master list of our students who enter work and what they enter. In light of that, a quick e-mail with your name, hometown, and class standing, and a list of all category numbers, the title of the work submitted for each entry, and your professor’s last name would be greatly appreciated. Something like this would be great:

   Name: Eric Ligon. Shreveport, LA. Sophomore

  1. Category 1: Braille-are-Us logotype, Owens
  2. Category 1: Braille-are-Us symbol, Owens
  3. Category 2: Braille-are-Us stationery, Owens
  4. Category 7: “True Colors” feature magazine spreads, Dorff
  5. Category 10: “IKEA” magazine print ad campaign, Egner
  6. C–DSVCollege Tuition Scholarship
  7. B–Dick Sloan Portfolio Prize (you know, the one that Stu Taylor won last year)
I will ask you for a press-ready PDF for any and all work that gets accepted in the show: for the blog, for the dean and his development office, and for the UNT Public Relations department. Yes, I’ll send the specifications, don’t worry.