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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graphic Design I: Symbols

Graphic Design I is the first introduction to branding and identity for our students. Each student was assigned a separate company for which they are required to do client research, determine an appropriate brand essence statement, develop a minimum of 4 identity marks, as well as a complete set of stationery collateral. Ultimately, they will create a brand “look-and-feel” book in which they must delineate the voice, color, photography, illustration, graphs, and grid and layout styles that express their company's brand essence. 

These symbols were designed by: A–Jin Choi for Crown Holding, B–Jennifer Jennings for Row New York, C–Jon Harvell for Foster+Partners (architects), D–Amy Nortman for Americans United, E–Chad Smith for Rahpa, and F–Natalia Fredericks for Elan Skis. 

You are all to be congratulated. Good work; you make us proud.