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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Summer Internship Opportunity.

Premier Planning, a fast growing national company who works primarily in the Insurance and Financial Services industry, is in need of an intern for the Summer and Fall semesters.  This person would be working directly with their Chief Marketing officer developing and designing marketing pieces for their advisors to use in the workplace. Their office is located in Highland Village making it very convenient for UNT students. 

Premier Planning prefers the intern be a Junior or Senior (but could be finishing their Sophomore year as well), and works MWF,  20 hours per week. The gig pays $8.00 per hour.For an internship to count for credit over the summer, the student must work 5 days a week. Contact me if you have any questions about Summer Internships.

Premier Planning as a great relationship with the Marketing Department at UNT and has placed six of their students in internship positions with thier company for this spring. They are looking forward to developing the same type of relationship with our program.

If you are interested in this internship, please let me know. —EL