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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010 National Student Show Results

I wanted to share the great results I received today for the Dallas Society of Visual Communicators 6th Annual National Student Show with you. I do not know the numbers of entries nor the number of schools who entered this year, but of the 189 separate pieces and portfolios that were accepted for this year’s show by a team of nationally-known professionals, 98 are from the Communication Design program here at UNT! Ultimately, there will be awards and scholarships that are announced but that will not happen for a week or two. I will share this information with you as soon as I receive this information.

If you want to look at the list for the show you can go to this blog site: http://blog.nationalstudentshow.com/

Please join me in congratulating these students
(Hector Arellano, Max Barkhatov, Brendon Avalos, Bryan Barnes, Meghan Besinger, Lauren Brown, Andrew Bui, Will Chassaing, Ashley Cox, Nick Denman, Mitchell Ditto, Blake Dutton, Rachel Felipe, Daniel Fuhrer, Gabriella Garcia, Andy Cantu, Michael Garrett, Zach Hale, David Heflin, Allie Hill, Zack Howell, Tomonori Kanai, Josh Kitchens, JJ Manuel, Megan Mead, Stephen Menton, Becki Moran, Macy Nguyen, Anna Niess, Amy Nortman, Jason Perez, Sarita Perez, Nicole Probst, Ty Richards, Jeffery Rodriguez, Laura Russel, Paul Samples, Kirby Sandifer, Jon Schubert, Ryan Smith , Scott Spooner, Stu Taylor, Jason Torrez, Mark Travis, Kyle Wessel, Jaclyn Williamson, and Ricky Yamashita) and my very fine colleagues who guide them so ably (Karen Dorff, Alex Egner, Michael Gibson, Keith Owens, Jack Sprague, and Michele Wong Kung Fong). —Eric Ligon