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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CMYK 48 Deadline is Out There

CMYK Magazine’s next submission due date is May 17. After all of these reviews, I'd say there are lots and lots of you who should be entering work. It only costs $7.50 per entry and you can enter up to 25 pieces/campaigns. You will all need and/or want to add this kind of accolade to your resumes, and it makes UNT look good as well. The top design schools in the country are represented in this publication and we should be as well.

Seniors—you all have great books filled with all kinds of well designed and conceived work. Juniors—you all have advertising, packaging, magazine spreads, illustrations and annual reports to submit.
Sophomores—you all have advertising, identity marks, stationery, and some great brand books to submit. Freshmen—some of your Type I posters are really good and could be entered as well.

Entering does not take long and, as shows go, it is very inexpensive as well.

In the CMYK 47, there are 4 of our students who are Aspiring Creatives. Graduating senior art direction student Lauren Brown for her Tide advertising campaign; junior Scott Spooner for his Giro packaging; graduating senior graphic design student Zach Hale for his NPR Voice campaign; and graduating senior graphic design student Daniel Fuhrer for his Courier annual report.

Congrats to these and all our students for their great work.