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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nicole Mueller Lands in Wisconsin!

Nicolle Mueller (BFA, ’99) has taken a new position at Land’s End as the International Creative Manager, Internet. In this position, she'll be the creative lead for the International websites and act as the liaison between the in-country web teams and the U.S. business. She'll be responsible for facilitating the Brand image in order to maintain a consistent look and feel, message and localized experience for France, Germany, Austria, Japan and the UK. Wow, I think she'll be one busy woman!

Prior to her move to Land's End, Nicole was the Creative Director of Luxury Brands for Fossil, Inc. With more than ten years experience in web site design, channel alignment and branding, Nicolle drove multi-brand design concepts and solutions for primarily e-commerce and web, emphasis on the online experiences.

Our congratulations go out to Nicole. Thanks for making us proud!