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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DSVC 2010 Dallas Show

UNT faculty and alumni had a great showing at the UNT 2010 Dallas Show this past Saturday evening!

Our own Alex Egner (BFA ’03, and Assistant Professor) won a Bronze Light Bulb for his logo for the UNT Inline Hockey team: “Hockey Bunnies.”

Other UNT Alumni Winning Awards:
Bronze Light Bulb
Squires & Company for Domtar Paper: “Cougar for a Great Performance.” Laura Root: CD, Elizabeth Mataeja: CW, Michael Bukema (BFA ’07): D

Silver Light Bulb
Gold Light Bulb—Kevin Krueger's Judge's Choice Award 
Stewart Cohen Pictures for Stewart Cohen: “Identity: A Photographic Meditation From The Inside Out.” Todd Hart (BFA ’86): CD + D, Bill Balwin: cw, Stewart Cohen: A/P, Zech Bard: D

Bronze Light Bulb
Studio 204 for Mohawk Paper Show: “Texas Poster.” Kim Neiman: AD, Virgil Scott (BFA ’03/MFA ’06): A/P + D

Silver Light Bulb
Gold Light Bulb—Francois Robert's Judge's Choice Award 
Barfoot Worldwide for Urbino Pizza: “Urbino Pizza Posters.” Jeff Barfoot: CD + A/P + D, Shay Ometz (BFA ’98): D

Bronze Light Bulb
Calibre Creative for The Dallas Addys: “Addy Land Poster.” Michael Tuggle/Vinny Minchillo/Doug Sutherland: CW, Nathan Trimm (BFA ’02): A/P, Brandon Murphy (BFA ’93): D

Bronze Light Bulb
Brand Hatchery for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications: “6 Degrees of Influence Poster.” Aaron Opsal: CD, Frances Yllana (BFA ’01): A/P + D + CW

Bronze Light Bulb
Sibley/Peteet Design Austin: “Portfolio Site.” Rex Peteet (’80?): AD, Matt Wetzler/Jed Rogers: A/P, David Gillory/Mat Wetxler: D

Bronze Light Bulb
Barfoot Worldwide for bee things: “Birds Limited Edition Print Series.” Jeff Barfoot: CD + A/P + D, Shay Ometz (BFA ’98): D

Silver Light Bulb
Barfoot Worldwide for bee things: “Monkey Snack Sacks.” Jeff Barfoot: CD  + A/P + D, Shay Ometz (BFA ’98): D

(cd = creative director, d = design, ad = art director, a/p = art/photography, cw = copywriting)

Other UNT alumni with work in the show (in no particular order):
Kris Murphy (BFA ’93)
Shay Ometz (BFA ’98)
Bronson Ma (BFA ’94)
Brandon Murphy (BFA ’93)
Zach Hale (BFA ’10)
Josh Ege (BFA ’02)
Jerome Marshall (BFA ’04)
Brian Boyd (BFA ’78)
Brian McAdams (BFA ’05)
Chris Rovillo (BFA ’73)
Sharon Lee (BFA ’09)
Rex Peteet (’80?) 
Susan Birkenmeyer (BFA ’91)
Michael Beukema (BFA ’07)
Robert Soto (BFA ’98)
Jeff Buchanan (BFA ’93)
Elda Marroquin (BFA ’09)
Justin King (BFA ’07)
Craig Parsons (BFA ’06)
Kevin Thomas (BFA ’04)
Todd Hart (BFA ’86)
Barrett Fry (BFA ’10)
Virgil Scott (BFA ’03; MFA ’06)
Philip Smith (BFA ’04)
David Wilgus (BFA ’80)
Wayne Geyer (BFA ’93)
Michael Malowanczyk (BFA ’09)
Frances Yllana (BFA ’01)
Nathan Trimm (BFA ’02)
Angelo Antoline (BFA ’99)
Huma Wadood (BFA ’04)

Finally, a word of thanks to Josh Ege (BFA ’02) for his fine leadership of the DSVC as President in this troubled economic time. It couldn't have been easy and we appreciate your hard and able work.

PS: If I have missed your name or messed up an award, please let me know so I may correct it. Thanks.