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Monday, August 16, 2010

A glass of Water

Can a simple glass of water lower your fuel consumption by 10%? Yes. Aggressive acceleration and braking wastes fuel. By planning your driving and driving calmer, you use less fuel and emit less CO2. That’s the simple key to ecodriving. Toyota came up with this iphone app Glass of Water which "records your driving distance, time, fuel consumption and water spilled. After each drive you can analyse your results and see on a map where you can improve your driving for the future. The results are automatically uploaded to this website and compared to other participants. You can of course participate in the challenge without the iPhone app as well."

Visit the Glass of Water website here

Please just don't try to multi-task and monitor your driving while you are driving…Every time, I come across a reckless driver on the road, I turn around to find out 100% of the time that the driver is on his/her cellphone.