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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Novelist in the Comm Design Family

Alumna Margo Rowder Gremmler (BFA '99) earned her first blog interview on "We Do Write" for her new work as an aspiring novelist. Margo says, "I discovered fiction-writing in an odd way. I studied art direction for advertising, and part of each assignment was to write a target market profile: a made-up persona our campaign should attract. A quirky meet--cute for sure, but that's when I fell in love with creating characters and toying with voice."

Fast forward to today and Margo is deep into writing a young adult dystopian novel, Thirty Decibels.  The interview is short but a great way to catch up with all that Margo has been up to. And the premise of the story sounds great.

Congrats to you, Margo. Let us know when you are ready to publish the book. I bet I can find a couple of designers who might be very interested in designing a cover for you! And I'd love to be a test reader for your book, by the way.