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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Scriba is a concept for a computer application that poses some interesting questions about the roles and the acts of writing and reading personal correspondences in the digital age.

Scriba from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

Scriba is a hybrid of chirographic aesthetics and ethics, but rendered through a clearly digital interface. It's an email program that proposes to revitalize specific elements of personal correspondence that have fallen away in the contemporary and ‘inhuman’ world of email.

The designers propose to do this via an isolating full-screen environment, and artfully sensing ambient light and noise during the act of writing to affect the character of text itself—a calmer environment renders more ordered text, and a chaotic environment renders sloppy text. The point being to force the writer to compose their email during calm moments and in environments that promote focus and deep undivided attention. The reader of the message can then infer from the character of the text a new and (presumably) informative dimension of communication.

I’m curious if this would really cause any of us to slow down any while emailing, or simply add to the decay of the already decrepit visual communication environment of email.

One of the project’s lead designers has some rather interesting work elsewhere:
Particularly this project from designboom: