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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beyond Coal Internship

The Sierra Student Coalition Beyond Coal Campaign is looking for a Communication Design intern for January through April, 2011. We are continuing work this semester to move the University of North Texas off of coal power to 100% clean energy, and we are expanding internship opportunities to include visual arts and design.

Job Description:
The Sierra Student Coalition's Beyond Coal Communication Design Internship offers students an opportunity to gain real-world experience creating a brand, advertisements, and visual installations for an advocacy organizing campaign on their own campus. Interns will practice skills in graphic design, working with local media, event planning, and public speaking all while working to create environmental change. Interns will work closely with a professional campus organizer, and will have flexible hours to work with their class schedules. They will also be encouraged to attend regional and/or national trainings sponsored by the Sierra Student Coalition and the Energy Action Coalition.

Job Requirements:
1) Interns will complete 10-12 hours of work a week. If an intern wishes to receive class credit, he/she will arrange to receive credit from the University of North Texas.

2) Interns will assist with campaign outreach materials and branding.

3) Interns are responsible for all objectives laid out in an individual semester plan, which will be developed by the intern along with the Beyond Coal Organizer.

4) Interns must be willing to learn and take initiative

5) Interns will attend and help organize Beyond Coal events and activities on a regular basis, including a weekly intern meeting and evaluation, regular project group meetings and at least one regional conference or event.

Application Instructions:
To apply, send an updated resume or interview request to jennifer@greencorps.org, or call Jenny Marienau for more information. Use the subject line, "Internship FIRST NAME LAST NAME." We will schedule a meeting to look over the potential intern’s past work, and to discuss the internship.