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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Awards and Glory at Creative Summit 25

Good news!

The Creative Summit was founded by Chris Hill to further the knowledge and spirit of creativity in his students; he taught graduate students for 15 years at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University). Now in its 25th year, the Creative Summit has grown into a highly respected student competition and conference that is attended by students and professionals from all over the country.

A number of our UNT students made the trip down to the conference this year. Students who register for the conference are able to submit a portfolio of their work that a gathering of prestigious judges including Dana Arnett (designer), Marc Burchhardt (illustrator), Nick Cronan (industrial designer), Karin Hibma (a creative), Lance Letscher (artist), Michael O'Brien (photographer), and John Sabel (Designer at Disney) sort through in 4 to 5 rounds of judging. Below you'll find a list of the UNT work that was accepted for the show and the list of our students who won awards. The Ralph Award is named after the famous (infamous?) Ralph the Diving Pig at the Aquarena Water Park in San Marcos.

Our students brought home $4,500 in awards, plus a $5.00 bill that was used as a canvas for an illustration by the illustrator Gary Baseman and is said to be currently worth about $300! Also, each piece of work that was accepted in the show won $25. So, all in all, UNT students brought home a whopping total of $5,625! Not bad at all for a fun weekend.

Our congratulations to all of the students who took work down to be judged, whether it won or not (it takes an act of some courage to submit work), to those who had work selected for the show, and to those who won praise and glory (and cash!).


Eric, Alex, Karen, Michele, Michael, Jacob, Bill, and Keith

Ryan Smith – Ralph Award – $500
Ryan Smith – Singing Cow Award – $1,000
Scott Spooner – Ralph Award – $500
Paul Samples – Ralph Award – $500
Maxim Barkhatov – Creative Passion Award – $1,500
Maxim Barkhatov – Ralph Award – $500
Ashley Ayer – $5 bill that's been illustrated on and signed by Gary Baseman

Ashley Ayer 
• Pickup Line Generator, interactive – $25
Macy Nguyen 
• Letter Spaces Poster, graphic design – $25
Erin Mattingly 
• Raid, art direction – $25
Eric Hoang 
• Poetica Type Specimen, graphic design – $25
Scott Spooner
• Dallas Public Libraries, art direction
– $25
Paul Samples
• Herman Miller Annual Report, graphic design
– $25
• Fast Company Magazine Spread, graphic design – $25
• Dali Museum Guide, graphic design – $25
Alana Miller
• Oil Spill Poster, graphic design
– $25
Tomonori Kanai
• City Harvest, art direction – $25
• Duofold by Parker, art direction – $25
Jaclyn Williamson
• AFI "Devotion" Poster, graphic design – $25
• Perkin Elmer Annual Report, graphic design – $25
Kyleene Palagar
• Maine Conference, graphic design – $25
Meghan Besinger
• Move to Amend Posters & Video, graphic design and interactive – $25
• Office Nomads Logo, graphic design – $25
Manuel Jose
• Feminist Press Logo, graphic design – $25
• Noah and the Whale Logo, graphic design – $25
Maxim Barkhatov
• Shack Up Inn Posters & Website, graphic design – $25
• Endologix Annual Report – $25
• Medusa Wines Logo, graphic design – $25
• ARPA Interface, interactive – $25
Ryan Smith
• National Park Service, art direction – $25
• 5 Hour Energy, art direction – $25
• Your Music Will Find You, Pandora (Jay-Z) – $25