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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Challenge to our Gentle Readers

As a faculty, we do not mind keeping this blog, but it is disheartening when there are no, or very few, comments of any kind for all our effort. (My thanks to Craig Parsons and Stu Taylor for being our most regular posters, by the way.) A great deal of what is posted here is meant for open discussion, or is at least worthy of discussion. Or cheers. Or hurrays. Or boos. Or raspberries. Or of "carefully and meticulously crafted diatribes of verbose verbiosity masquerading as acerbic academic diatribes," as Michael Gibson might say. Even that would be a "good thing," as Martha Stewart would say.

So here's the deal. If you (all of you) step up the level of conversation in a meaningful way, I might even post an example of my very own student work (from way back in 1979/1983 when we did everything by hand), so you may scoff and ridicule to your heart's content. Is that a fair trade?

So, what say you?