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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Internship and Full-Time Position at Neiman-Marcus

The Horchow brand web design unit within Neiman-Marcus is in need of a soon-to-be-recent UNT Com Design alum to fill a full-time position there. We've gotten word about this from UNT Com Des alum Lori Dibble, who's been with the Neiman-Marcus in-house design team for a few years now.

Lori has also indicated that they have need of an intern from the UNT Com Des program to fulfill another need within Neiman-Marcus during the coming summer.

If you're not a recent or soon-to-be graduate from our Com Des program, DON'T attempt to apply for the full-time position. If you are not about to complete your third year of study in our program, please do NOT attempt to apply for the internship.

If you're interested in trying to interview for either of these positions, please contact Karen Muncy, Horchow Brand Manager at the following e-mail address:


Her tel. is: 972-969-3413.

Lori's e-mail is Lori_Dibble@neimanmarcus.com