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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now Hiring: Advertising Designer

Design Works Studio, Inc.

Job Summary
Advertising Designer, Levels I, II and III. Create award-winning ideas and concepts for print and digital communications to a target audience; present and communicate creative ideas through the preparation of presentation boards, models and physical samples; design visual and graphical element to implement creative ideas onto intended media; develop copy language to enhance the communicated message; develop and produce designed items into production ready output; and oversee production of created pieces to ensure produced items match intended design.  Studies graphic elements, determines size and arrangement of graphics and copy, selects type, arranges layout, draws samples, and prepares instructions for printers and other vendors.  Participates in all aspects of creative, design, and production, including client meetings and vendor supervision.

Contributes to the development of business opportunities and in attracting new clients.

- Bachelor of Arts in field related to design, advertising, or communications.
- Level I: Minimum 1 year related work experience.  Alternately, 3-6 month intern experience at Design Works Studio may be substituted.
- Level II: Minimum 3 year related work experience.
- Level III: Minimum 5 year related work experience.
- Demonstrates ability to consistently create award-winning designs.
- Print production-related experience.
- Able to follow directions, written procedures and methodology.
- Able to focus on meticulous details and quality.
- Able to work independently within scope of assignment and cooperatively among team members.
- Able to manage multiple assignments.
- Able to convey ideas and creative strategy to others.
- Able to contribute to creative team.
- Optimistic, energetic, friendly, driven, and motivated!
- Proficient in the use of essential design software, including Adobe Creative Suite (especially InDesign and Photoshop). Working knowledge of productivity tools, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
- Proficient in the use of Mac computers. Working knowledge of PC computers.

Physical Qualifications
- Visual acuity (with correction) sufficient to make artistic judgments about layout and design.
- Manual dexterity to operate computer or make manual sketches and drawings as required.

Additional Skills Desired
- Familiar with printing process, production, preparation of work-product for press output, and experience with press checks.
- Familiar with web site design and methodology.

Please email resume, portfolio and salary requirements (must include all in order to be considered) to mbui@designworks.net.