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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PRINT Interview with Barrett Fry and Stu Taylor

PRINT magazine interviewed recent Regional Design Annual winners as a way of promoting the 2014 competition. UNT alumni Barrett Fry and Stu Taylor were featured to discuss the award-winning work they created with Pentagram in Austin. Check out the interview (and their enviable beards) here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

American Advertising Award Winners

UNT communication design students earned Best of Show awards at both the Dallas and Ft. Worth 2014 American Advertising Award ceremonies this past week. In total, our students collected 13 awards for their various advertising campaigns. Those students earning a silver or gold medal will move on the District 10 Regional competition, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Dallas AAF
Kolby Osborne
Best of Show and Gold
GiveDirectly.org consumer campaign

Michelle Ruiz
Futuro integrated campaign

Kai Horan
Sherwin Williams consumer campaign

Kai Horan
Rain Barrels consumer campaign

Chase Kahn
Atomic Candy consumer campaign

Johnathan Wenske
Magic Eraser non-traditional campaign

Ft. Worth AAF
Shelby Tamura
Best of Show and Gold
Carfax consumer campaign

Megan Anderson
Kiwi Shoe Polish integrated campaign

Jordan Hill
Out-of-home Campaign

Megan Anderson
Ricola non-traditional advertising

Megan Anderson
Fitbit City integrated campaign

Jen Krause
Consumer campaign

Shana Hagemeyer
Culinary Institute of America consumer campaign

Friday, February 7, 2014

Alumni Ben Barry returns to Texas with the DSVC

UNT communication design alumni Ben Barry will be the featured speaker at the Dallas Society of Visual Communications March 5th meeting. This is a great opportunity for students to see where their education might take them.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paper Clips Rock!

Ryan Raschbaum didn't let an assigned product line like office supplies "clip" his creative wings. He created a target profile of a super organized hipster who would most certainly use the clips and clamps and then uncharacteristically want to keep the packages too because they are just that fun. Lots of accolades for this project from the Dieline, DSVC, blog posts a plenty and published in CMYK. Nice work Ryan!

Annual Reports

Warren Buffett was the target audience for both of the above annual reports (a few selected spreads from each) as he's stated he won't buy tech stocks if he doesn't understand what the company does. NVE's pioneering nanotechnology, spintronics was told expertly in a straightforward, typographic conversational manner by Brooke Qualman. Who knows where "the cloud" is and how a company like Rackspace leverages it to host applications for companies? Tara Thompson lead us through the complex trail of information with a vintage inspired trail guide. How fondly we look back to the days when clouds were puffy white things in the sky. Kudos to Brooke & Tara! 

Collateral Systems & Marks

Collateral systems from sophomore graphic design work.
Rayn Vonder Hoya: Pie Lab
Katie Janes: Study Egg
Silvia Erives: Black Swan Publishing
Arielle Trankle: Wine Harlots
Ryan Breault: Theater Antiques

Packaging Projects

Arielle Trankle's Fruta Fria brand and packaging was designed to bring Mexico's beloved frozen fruit bars to American grocery isles and palates. Look out Popsicle! Tara Thompson designed and lushly illustrated packaging to promote freshly picked fruit stewed into a line of gourmet jams and pickles to be sold in foodie specialty shops. 

Play with your food

Molly Hensley researched fruit cup snacks for kids and discovered most brands consisted of cooked mushy fruit swimming in corn syrup and artificial food coloring. She created a new brand that promotes organic, minimally processed fruit, health-conscious parents will want to serve to their children all contained in packaging kids can enjoy long after the fruit is gone. Empty fruit cups can be flipped over to be used as stands for circus animals and the Big Top ringmaster. Fun concept Molly!

Packaging Projects

Becky Lin was given the challenge to develop a system of packages for a variety of vintage Edison bulbs that would be as lovely to gaze upon at as the bulbs. Nice work Becky!

More Art Direction Work

A few more samples from the junior-level art directors. Credits: Matt Slider for Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones ad. Kolby Osborne for Give Directly Campaign. Kolby Osborne for QuikTrip billboard campaign.

Typography Posters

Here are couple of the final posters to come from the sophomore Typography class last semester. Each student was assigned a typographer or typeface to research and base a poster upon. Credits: Dalton Green for Futura. Katy Coffy for Georgia and Verdana. 

Art Direction Work

Here is a small sampling of junior-level art direction work from the Fall 2013 semester. Credit goes to Matt Slider for the Bourbon Barrel Foods campaign and Ashlin Hart for the Spanx Campaign.